A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my submission for #cyberpunkjam. 

I wanted to make a short, and perhaps a bit unconventional, adventure. Something that was substantial yet short enough to be able to pull off during a jam. The game came together organically - I had little to no conscious idea of what I was making - but had a good feeling about it throughout the entire jam. I started with the intro and then continued from there with only gut feeling as a guide, planning nothing but the mood. Then I iterated and smoothed some bumps out. I'm proud of it, even if it's rough around the edges.

Oh, and there's a ton of music that went unused - I'll revisit the soundtrack at a later time together with remixes from some friends. So if you dig the soundtrack - there's more coming.

Check out the original soundtrack here:


I hope you like it.

Install instructions

Made with Unity - just run the file.

WASD + mouse to interact.


She dreamt in neon - PC.zip 23 MB
She dreamt in neon - Mac.zip 28 MB
She dreamt in neon - Linux.zip 25 MB